5 Things you should be doing to maintain your health

In 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as not just the absence of disease, but also as the overall state of well-being. Many people live as if health is the goal when health should be a part of their daily lifestyle. Instead of fighting disease when it’s already there, people can instead practice good nutrition and live active lives in order to avoid illness and general discomfort.

Maintaining a healthy body is pretty easy – it’s only a matter of having good health habits and being consistent about it. Health need not be an expense; your health should be your main asset. Here are some tips to keep you guided throughout your life’s journey.

  • Have a health journal – Similar to having a calendar for work or family affairs, a journal dedicated solely to your health habits is a must-have. You’ll be able to keep track of your daily nutrition intake, your exercise regimen, and the discomforts or illnesses you experience. This way, consulting a health professional regarding sickness will be easier, since you can report when the symptoms of your condition came to be. This is also a good way to note down the medications or supplements you’re taking. Furthermore, having a health journal will allow you to keep track of trends in your health, and avoid the activities that are detrimental to you.
  • Learn how to cook – Instead of buying easy takeout meals, cook your own food. Learning what ingredients go into your food will keep you conscious of what you eat, and enlighten you as to how much junk goes into the set meals you buy in the grocery store or from fast food. Meals prepared from scratch at home usually end up being healthier than those prepared in restaurants, because you have the power to choose what type of meat to use, what vegetables go together with it, and regulate the amount of salt or sugar to taste.
  • Your gut bacteria is your friend – Many studies are now focusing on the importance of your gut’s bacteria to your overall health. Gut bacteria has a role to play in your body’s immune system – having only few of these bacteria generally result in illness. Probiotics that can be bought in the supermarket or your local pharmacy helps replenish the gut bacteria population, but whole, natural fruits and vegetables can do the trick as well.
  • Cut out your bad habits – If you drink alcohol excessively or smoke tobacco, now’s the best time to quit. Too much alcohol lowers your immune system, and smoking is known to cause cancer. Eating too many sweets can also damage your health by making you overweight and obese, as well as those starchy carbohydrates that only fill your belly (and nothing else). Drinking alcohol is okay at times, especially if it’s red wine. Tobacco on the other hand, is too dangerous for you and the people that surround you. Many health professionals can help you manage your bad habits, so you have no reason to not quit.
  • Take up a sport and an arts class – Health is not just about the body, it’s also about keeping your brain on its toes. Being active by joining a sport or taking up dance classes boosts your body’s health by making your organs work the way they should be. Taking an arts class or joining the chess club will keep your brain running, especially when your job is repetitive. Being active like this also keeps you on your feet, eliminating the sedentary lifestyle most people nowadays have.

There are so many more tips to help you maintain your health, but these five should be the basis for beginning your journey towards a disease-free life. You can add more to the list, but that would be your task – customize your lifestyle towards the better.

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