The quality of your energy holds the secret to a happy life

( We all want to live the life we imagine for ourselves. The difficulty for many is that they aren’t aware of how to turn what they imagine into a physical reality.

You already have the tools within you; it’s simply a matter of using those tools on purpose. What are these innate tools? They are our thoughts, our words, and our feelings. Sounds simple, but is it? Yes, it is simple. Initially, it may not be easy however. It takes practice to use them wisely and with power. But I get ahead of myself. With the intention of finally living the life you really want to live, and the determination to stay on task, to really pay attention to each tool, you will, sooner than later, be living the very dream that has be elusive up until now.

Within each thought you think, you have created an energy that thought carries with it. With each word you speak, to yourself or to others, there is the energy within that word. And within each emotion, is carried an energy that goes out before you.

1. CONSCIOUS AWARENESS OF YOU being part of, and born of, the energy of the creative forces of this Universe is an important awareness to have. It is said that the reason we feel separated from the Creator or Source (as I prefer to name God), is that we believe we are separated. It’s the belief in the separation that creates the separation. When you consciously decide that you are connected to that force that created you, you have an entirely different, expanded perception from which to live your life. Suddenly, there are more possibilities, new opportunities; your challenges have less power than they previously had, and the very quality of your life is enhanced and enriched.

2. KNOW THAT THE SUBSTANCE OF THE UNIVERSE constantly flows through each particle of your being. How you think and speak and feel are the most powerful tools you possess to help you realize that the energy of the Universe does in fact flow through you, and as you. That substance is always flowing through each aspect of your being, through every part of your life. It’s simply a matter of being aware of that: by choosing to be aware of it, you begin to be aware of that universal substance as the experience and as the expression of your life, of you. So now that you’re aware that you have the tools of thought, words and feelings already, how do you use them to create your life as you would like to live it?

3. ENERGY FLOWS THROUGH YOUR THOUGHTS… Notice the quality of energy that accompanies your thoughts. How do you discover what that quality is? Simply by asking yourself to notice the output. Are my thoughts empowering me, inspiring me, supporting my dreams? Are my thoughts encouraging me and others? Do they help me to see beyond my current circumstances or are they dwelling on the dense energy of an unpleasant circumstance? Do these thoughts keep me down or lift me up?

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4. ENERGY FLOWS THROUGH YOUR WORDS… Notice the quality of energy that accompanies your words. Are the words I’m speaking in alignment with what I would like in my life? Or, are my words reminding me of what I don’t have that I do want? Being “in the absence of” does not serve you. Are the words I speak highlighting the absence of my desires or are they highlighting the possibilities of my dreams becoming my reality?

5. ENERGY FLOWS THROUGH YOUR FEELINGS… Emotions are your “energy in motion.” Thought plus emotion produces feeling. Your feelings are a very important indicator of the vibration, depleting or uplifting, that you’re holding in this moment. You can be aware of the energy of your feelings by asking yourself, “Are my feelings aligned with what I want or with what I’m not yet living? Do I reach to find a feeling that inspires me, that makes me feel good and that brings more joy to me? Or do I continue to feel the lack I have experienced in my life? Am I choosing to feel good?”

6. AS YOU ARE BORN OF THE CREATIVE FORCES of this Universe; you are a co-creator. You are creating every moment, in every moment, and of every moment; it’s important to command yourself to make the most of what you’re creating. Check, and then calibrate (refine) the quality of your energy, by your intention.

7. THOUGHT, WORD, FEELING, these are the tools with which you create. And since you are the qualifying factor of your creation, you can understand and experience that as you create, and as you send forth that creation, the vibration of like energy returns to you, expanded.

8. ARMED WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE and the understanding that you are creating with the very energy of the Universe, you are actually molding that very energy by consciously deciding to choose the particular quality or qualities you want as part of your energy.

9. KNOW THE VALUE OF YOUR OWN ENERGY AND USE IT, on purpose. This is an important step in understanding how to bring the life you’ve always imagined for yourself into physical form. Isn’t it about time you create the quality of life you deserve to experience? You will be transforming your self, your world… you will be changing THE world.

By Gabriel Reign, Expert Articles.

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